Maybe it´s the air, the never ending changing landscape.

Or, that we have the arctic circle as a neighbour.

Maybe because we are used to adapting to shifting conditions from birth.
Or, the seamless connection we have to mother nature.

When you come from Scandinavia, you have a different perspective on things.
And when you have just that, you don´t end up with the ordinary.
No. You end up with something new. Something that´s in perfect harmony
with the wilderness surrounding you.

Organic, beautiful and uncomplicated. Yet functional.

You see, when you want to move societies forward towards a more sustainable lifestyle,
you need to do so in a respectful and creative way.

Maybe it´s a matter of roots. But this is what we are all about. Who we are.
What we believe in. Welcome to our world.

HICKAP - Driven by nature.